Happy Juneteenth! 🖤

Happy Juneteenth
Juneteenth ( June 19th) also known as Freedom Day is a day of celebration within the Black communities across the US.
It is an all too important date to forget, as it marks the official end of slavery in the United States.
Juneteenth is the little known holiday in most parts of the country, until Summer 2020 when it gained new attention as companies, communities and government throughout the country publicly acknowledged Juneteenth and marked it as an holiday.

We are delighted this day is finally getting the recognition it deserves. Congress voted to recognize June 19th as a national holiday on June 15th and President Biden signed the bill into law on June 17th!

The work has just begun.
Today we gather with friends and family to reflect on the past, honor the present, and look to the future. 

Cheers to our freedom, now and forever!

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