Our Story

Simply EliFab is a Children's clothing and accessories brand with African Influence.
We started out in 2014 as an accessories and girls only brand but have since evolved to meet all kids fashion needs. We became Simply EliFab in 2019 after expanding our collection beyond accessories. 
EliFab started out as a labor of love and the desire to add something unique to my precious little girl’s everyday looks.
Over the years, we have designed, created and handmade thousands of bows and headbands because we truly love what we do and enjoy adorning the little ones.
Being of Nigerian heritage, introducing African prints into our brand has always been front and center. The  Ankara fabric (Dutch Wax 100% cotton fabric with vibrant patterns) common to West African countries are fun, vibrant, energetic and elegant, making it perfectly suited for kids. 
Our goal is to put kids front and  center of  Ankara fashion. Whether you're looking for a formal, play or casual outfit, we have your kids covered. We will provide the outfit to refine their looks and elevate their wardrobes.

Our pieces are designed with comfort and versatility in mind for the little ones. Each piece can be worn year round. We also have the perfect accessories to coordinate. Layer on or under, pair with tights or sock and embrace the prints all year round.

We are proud of our Cute, Minimal, and Elegant designs and can't wait to see your little ones in our creations.

Christiana A, Owner & Founder of Simply EliFab, is Nigerian born and raised. She immigrated to the United States with  her family at the age of 16, completing the latter part of her secondary education (high school) and going on to earn her undergrad in Industrial Engineering from  Purdue University and pursued a Master's in Quality Management.

Christiana loves all things fashion. She started blogging about fashion and life in general while in-between jobs over at Christiana's Corner in 2012. The birth of her daughter Eliana also gave birth to EliFab. Girls' fashion was intuitive for Christiana and she gave no thoughts to designing for boys until the birth of her second born, Emmanuel. At first she had doubts about her ability to incorporate boys' fashion into the line, but as it turns out, she was made to do this! Christiana's love of fashion and style for all tots continues to grow.
Christiana takes pride in her rich Nigerian heritage and culture. That combined with her love for prints and colors ignite the flame to branch out beyond accessories and into clothing, but not any clothing; African Ankara print based clothing for kids.
Building this brand has been a dream come true for Christiana. It has been a lot of trials and triumphs, but she wouldn't have it any other way. Apart from tirelessly working on building and growing Simply EliFab, Christiana is a mom of three beauts, and moonlights as an Engineer by day. 
 Want to know more about SEF or have any questions: connect with us via email: Simplyelifab@gmail.com or via our contact page.