How to Re-Insert the Clasp on Your Face Mask

It's been a minute since i wrote on here. I hope you are staying safe during this time.  I am happy  I was able to offer the face mask at the time it was needed the most. As you all know, Simply EliFab carters to kids, but when it comes to matters of the hearts and the well being of our loved ones and protecting the community, age has no limits. So, for the first time, we opened up our shop up to adults. 

I know a lot of you have asked and still continue to ask f I will offer adult styles as you want to style with your minis. The answer is yes, in due time. And the face mask i suppose you can consider our lead into the adult world.

No worries, we still remain solely focused and loyal to catering to the fashions needs of our little ones so they will always be priority in terms of offerings and styles. But occasionally, we will offer selected styles and print in adult version that will allow you to match with your little ones. Our goal is to be the first stop for all kids' Ankara needs and that has not changed. We are just bringing mom, dad, aunties and uncles along on the ride every now and then. 

So, to the main purpose behind this post - as you receive your masks, i hope you love them. I truly hope you do! You all know the mask straps are adjustable with a little flexible rubber clasp that you can slide to adjust. But, if your kids are anything like mine for those with kids, they will probably at some point play will the clasp and take it off. Adults can even find themselves in this scenario, maybe you adjust too far back by mistake. If this ever happens, don't panic and no worries. Just make sure you don't lose the clasp. 

I am going to show you two easy ways to re-attach the clasp back on to the strap. The clasps are soft and collapsible making it very easy to work it. The first way takes a little longer but requires nothing but your hands. If you have the time and patience and maybe even want a mind numbing activity for a few minutes, I actually find doing it this way relaxing; call me weird. 

Ps: Please do not judge my nails. Outside is closed as you all know :)

First, take the strap and double twist it

Insert the clasp and twist and push strap upward, while simultaneously twisting and the clasp in the opposite direction and pushing down .

Continue to twist and push until the strap starts to come through, then push down on the flat surface and try to grab/pinch (having nails will be very helpful here) a tiny portion of the strap coming through to pull it out. 

The second way which is faster and also easy is to use a string or thread.


Get a thread and double it up. Then loop it around the straps and tie once. It doesn't need to be too tight as you'll be taking it off. You just need it secure enough that if pulled, it doesn't unravel.

Feed the string through the hole in the clasp.


Gently pull in till the strap meets the roof of the clasp.

Gently tug on the string to pull the strap through the hole.

Unite or cut the string and done.

I hope you find  this helpful.

Talk to you soon




  • Christiana


    So glad you found this helpful. If i understand the question correctly, you should be able to use the same string for all face, both kids and adult. It just needs to be long enough to loop around and have a pull end. I hope that helps.

  • Joanette Rasnake

    Thank you so much. I thought this may be the way but, wasn’t sure. Do you recommend different measurements of elastic or string material for child, teen, or adult masks? Again thank you, thank you and thank you.

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